LetsLocum..Hustle Hard

The Story So Far…

“How can we make this better?”
“Easy, just build a transparent market leading platform, utterly best in its class…simples!”


You often read feel good stories full of hype and buzz words telling you how “disruptive” entrepreneurs came up with their “innovative” idea over at the pub or corporate coffee shop (paying for overpriced sugar filled thingamabob coffee mocha choca blurgh no doubt).

Not Us!

Or heart warming stories of best friends who start a company together, whilst toughing it out over hard times, going biz to biz, paying bills, raising kids yatta yatta yatta

Not Us!

Just over a year ago we became fascinated with the world of Locuming and Pharmacy. Having worked in both realms in a combined 6 decades of experience, its an understatement to say that we’ve seen many changes and unfortunately knocks to both roles in terms of funding and thus leading to constant toing and froing between them. It’s simply Law of Supply and Demand in full affect…




What if you could do them both JUSTICE

  • No waffle
  • No trickery
  • No hiding costs
  • No hard sells
  • No BS


  • Effective
  • Altruistic
  • Simple
  • Yours


What YOU have Heard Time and Time again?


We’re “innovative” “bespoke” “disruptive”

Good for them but it’s you the User that defines a label, no matter how much they like to convince themselves otherwise and self label.

Should we boast similar such claims and try and entice you?


Nope Not Us!


The Elephant In The Room


Lets just say there has been a big rise in buzzword filled solutions (lets be honest a lot are agencies in disguise with similar such features and charges).

From aggressive marketing, to getting big funding – one has taken off and sky rocketed…Hats off to them its not easy to get that big so quick and there is no such thing as an overnight success, Respect where respect is due… BUT what does that mean?

They are no longer in the vested interest of their Users…that means YOU

But now work in the interest of their funding, board of directors and shareholders etc… and they all want their ROI (“good old” Return On Investment)

So is this platform a slave to ROI ?


Nope Not Us!


The Other Big Point of Contention…RATES

Market forces and the oversupply of Pharmacists have been pushing down rates for the past decade but what can we do as a platform that is fair and neutral to both the Locum and Contractor

How do we compete with the others that set no minimum rate and allow bookings from exploitative rates as low as £15ph and still get paid their full booking fee of £20 per booking, all citing that they don’t get involved and thus have managed to raise more capital by showing how “profitable” they are.

We wish we could say that we were to set a minimum rate and yes a solution is already working with the co-operative to do that (can you ring my…) or a negotiation function, but we want the platform to be easy and time saving. Such functions are being looked into but as of yet not been implemented in our first nationwide iteration of LetsLocum which has been beta tested for months now in 4 locations and has proven robust and reliable, whilst saving you time and energy.

The problem is the others that have not set a minimum have grown rapidly and have managed to get many resources and support staff; it all comes down to money (costs include active development, hosting, staffing, marketing to name but a few) and these competitors have raised more money to put into further staff and growing their platforms. If we were to do similar or go for venture capital and similar, we risk the very thing we want to avoid, to not have the interest of our User (that’s You) at heart.

In light of all this our solution has been is to discuss with all our pharmacy clients and explain the very fact that a happy locum = a productive locum = happy staff and patients.

The rates we recommend to be fair is £21+ an hour, though we are more than aware of the funding cuts and squeeze being felt by Pharmacy businesses but in turn the excellent services provided by locums is integral to every pharmacy business success and public reputation. You cant put a price on your public perception for they are the customers and patients that we as pharmacists serve and ultimately rely upon for our value (in all sense of the terms from money to profession)



What make us different?


One question …


“How can we make this better?”


This was the first question ever raised and has been asked every step of the way since.

We are the only platform to give you a vested share of the business, the only one to have free training events and lots of resources, the only one that gives you big discounts on other resources such as DBS and PGD’s, the only one that gives £1 of every booking to Pharmacist Support, a great charity that has been giving back to our great profession since 1841

This platform needs to deliver and not just be another me too biz, but something to give back to the profession, to our peers, (yeah YOU)

But at the moment we are building it and it’s going to be continually developed to be what you our valued users need.

If you have any great ideas or want to be part of the solution feel free to get in contact us! letsconnect@letslocum.com

Its with your vital feedback and help can we continue to deliver and grow.



What we offer and how much?


100’s of B shares in LetsLocum

Be part of something Bigger

Its Your Platform

Take Back Control!


That’s a big commitment and one that we are proud to offer

The First Locums that signs up and use the Platform regularly, will actually be offered shares and own part of LetsLocum


What’s the catch?


You sign up and use us for FREE

You gain a Share for FREE

It will NEVER ever cost you a single penny


Contractors we hear you say, why are we left out?


Well the great news you aren’t

You too will gain a Share for Free for being active users

Unlike the others our costs are plain and simple to see

Nothing Hidden
No (exc VAT)
You ALL get a FREE 3 Month trial period


Our packages are tailored to suit and you’re individual business needs

And completely TRANSPARENT, no please get in touch etc etc because they want to hide their TRUE costs and waffle about savings


Pay as you go

£10 per booking


Discounts are available for multiple branch purchases or promotional offers so you can book for a little as £5 per shift




£39 Weekly plan
£99 Monthly plan
£599 Yearly plan


The above entitles you for UNLIMITED usage for all types of cover from regular days to emergency.


Discounts are available for multiple branch purchases or promotional offers, so can be as little as £299 per branch (a huge £300 saving) for unlimited yearly use


Now there more than likely be cheaper or free alternative popping up and this is what is ultimately a race to the Bottom. You get what you pay for and times are hard but to be able to offer great benefits and contribute, they all come with associated costings …Yet the SAVINGS and HASSLE FREE BOOKINGS far outweigh them…What DO You Value…Your FREEDOM?

The biggest thing we are proud to be doing is actively raising funds and giving back to our profession and many worthy patient causes


How I hear you ask?


Free training events and Resources with various partners such as workshops and webinars

Competitions for great Free stuff like 2 in 1 laptops, fitness trackers and ipads

Compete To Be in Our LOCUMLEGEND AWARDS and be Profiled on LOCUMLEGEND.COM

Philanthropy as £1 of every shift booking will be given to Pharmacist Support

Take Part in Our Charitable Drives


Yes that not a minor percentage it’s a big commitment and we know that if you cant give £1 when you only have a fiver in your pocket than how are you going to ever give when you finally feel you have enough….When is Enough…Enough? How Longs a Piece of String?

Waiting to win the lottery before you start giving is not how we choose to LIVE OUR LIVES


The More You Give in Life the more You Get Out of Life!

#BeHuman #BeHumble #BeBetter


What we ask in return?


The answer is Simple;


Use The LetsLocum Platform

Spread The Word

Refer Your Locum Friends,

Refer Your Pharmacy Contractor Friends, be they independents or chains

Help US, so we can help YOU


As Pharmacist we have more than just working in a pharmacy setting running through our veins, we have other passions and many skills.


Ever thought of;


Writing a blog post?

Posting videos? pics?

Documenting your career journey?

Featuring us on your profile?

Volunteering with us on charitable drives?


Think you can help


Feel free to drop us a line



The Difficult Part


Money, clear and simple this all does and will cost money, currently its been self funded and yes we have reached significant hurdles, its not been easy and certain “killer features” we thought would make us different have turned up with other solutions, as they say there is no such thing as an original idea. It’s the execution!


SO what’s the buzz word…

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

If you build it they will come? Right?


Answer…Wrong …(leave that too Kevin Costner)


You can write the best book in the world but if no one hears about it. It will remain on the shelf gathering dust…a failure

You can write a mediocre book but dang you know how to market it and get sales sky rocketing…boom you have a success

What’s the difference…the right marketing strategy with enough money to pay for it…So errrh yeah that word again Money D’oh


Then here comes the kicker…

What came first?

The Chicken Or the Egg?

An age-old question

We too are faced with this very proposition.


Do we sign up lots of Locum users but then hardly have any Pharmacy clients (thus shifts) for them to work in … or do we focus on signing up loads of Pharmacies but then hardly have any locums on the platform able to provide their services.


The Answer we need is active sign ups of both user types

ie Locums and Pharmacies, one will not work without the other


That type of uptake is going to be the hard part and not just occur overnight.


So be patient

Lets spread the word

work together and make a difference


Its going to be the challenging but rewarding (the fun part!) as we here at the team know what lies ahead.

the more we get the word out there and usage take off

the more users will see the impact we are having and the

We believe in what we do and hope to have you believe in us too

Lets go on this Journey together


A Message For You


Lastly we would like to thank all those that have supported us and continue to do so, the toughest part is yet to come but we are grateful for all that we have been blessed with and for all the positive change we will deliver in the profession

If you decide not to join then thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you will come back to us, remember one takeaway live by an Attitude of Gratitude.


All The Best

From all the Team at

Lets Locum

Lets Connect

Connecting the Right People at the Right Time


If you want to know more? then simply ask.