The Difficult Part

Money, clear and simple this all does and will cost money, currently its been self funded and yes we have reached significant hurdles, its not been easy and certain “killer features” we thought would make us different have turned up with other solutions, as they say there is no such thing as an original idea. It’s the execution! But having said that we have some great features the others don’t like easy shift upload using excel


SO what’s the buzz word…

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

If you build it they will come? Right?


Answer…Wrong …(leave that too Kevin Costner)









You can write the best book in the world but if no one hears about it. It will remain on the shelf gathering dust…a failure

You can write a mediocre book but dang you know how to market it and get sales sky rocketing…boom you have a success

What’s the difference…the right marketing strategy with enough money to pay for it…So errrh yeah that word again Money D’oh


Then here comes the kicker…

What came first?

The Chicken Or the Egg?

An age-old question

We too are faced with this very proposition.


Do we sign up lots of Locum users but then hardly have any Pharmacy clients (thus shifts) for them to work in … or do we focus on signing up loads of Pharmacies but then hardly have any locums on the platform able to provide their services.


The Answer we need is active sign ups of both user types ie

Locums and Pharmacies, one will not work without the other

That type of uptake is going to be the hard part and not just occur overnight.


So be patient

Lets spread the word

work together and make a difference


Its going to be the challenging but rewarding (the fun part!) as we here at the team know what lies ahead.

the more we get the word out there and usage take off

the more users will see the impact we are having and the

We believe in what we do and hope to have you believe in us too

Lets go on this Journey together



If you have any great ideas or want to be part of the solution feel free to get in contact us!

Its with your vital feedback and help can we continue to deliver and grow!

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