One question …

“How can we make this better?”


This was the first question ever raised and has been asked every step of the way since.


We are the only platform to give you a vested share of the business, the only one to have free training events and lots of resources, the only one that gives you big discounts on other resources and the only one that gives £1 of every booking to Pharmacist Support, a great charity that has been giving back to our great profession since 1841

This platform needs to deliver and not just be another me too biz, but something to give back to the profession, to our peers, (yeah YOU)

But at the moment we are building it and it’s going to be continually developed to be what you our valued users need.


If you have any great ideas or want to be part of the solution feel free to get in contact us!


Its with your vital feedback and help can we continue to deliver and grow.

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